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Figure 4. Graphical model of the influence of the explanatory variables (path coefficients) on the intention to use cryptocurrencies and R2.

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In May, the value of Shiba Inu soared after Binance announced it would list the coins on the crypto platform.
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Countless crypto ad networks (such as Coinzilla) appeared to fill the market’s advertising needs. Their platforms created vast networks of crypto publishers, where advertisers could place their banners.
Shaikh, A. A., Glavee-Geo, R., and Karjaluoto, H. (2018). How relevant are risk perceptions, effort, and performance expectancy in mobile banking adoption? Int. J. E Bus. Res. 14, 39–60. doi: 10.4018/IJEBR.2018040103

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However, there’s an even bigger crowd of individuals who are a bit more enthusiastic about the future. They’d point you in the direction of utility-based NFTs.
Naked Brand Group Just Turned Itself Into a De Facto SPAC: What It Means for Investors

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If you're not working with a financial adviser, you also can get indirect exposure by buying shares in Grayscale funds and other third-party investment crypto products in the over-the-counter secondary market through some large retail trading platforms, such as and

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There are two main ways of selling NFTs: selling a minted NFT (the way for content creators) and selling an NFT that the collector has already bought and is now willing to trade.

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    There are many cryptocurrencies in the market that trade for just a small fraction of 1 cent. This alone should not form the basis of your investment decision – as you need to cover a full spectrum of metrics before proceeding with a purchase.

    “I'd have more faith in creators that created art 3 months ago or 3 years ago and now decide to put it on the blockchain, rather than artists or projects that spun up ‘overnight’ during the recent hype.” NFT Ethereum Art Investing Non-fungible tokens Forecast
    This is, in fact, true. Among the world's largest crypto exchanges, Binance has had trouble with regulators in the 21st century. Uniswap is one DEX that may be able to attract more crypto traders.

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    This has gotten crypto traders incredibly excited because it will likely mean that many more investors will be able to trade BTC without owning the asset which will increase trading among those who would prefer to avoid the volatility.

    If you’ve ever found yourself asking “How much should I sell?” or “When should I sell?”, this article will hopefully help you find some answers.
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    SparkPoint Wallet: This is basically a decentralized exchange — nothing too crazy here.SparkPlay: This is SparkPoint’s gaming platform where players can compete in tournaments with cryptocurrency prizes. There’s a slicer game (similar to Fruit Ninja), a shooter game, a match-three puzzle game, and a game called Crypto Loco that I haven’t tried out yet.SparkLearn: This is SparkPoint’s e-learnign platform that teaches financial literacy and the basics of blockchain technology.Spark DeFi: This is a defi app that allows for lending and borrowing using SparkPoint’s native tokens, SparkPoint (SRK) and SparkPoint Fuel (SFUEL).

    To reduce risk when making short-term investments, stick to the 1% rule which is where you only risk 1% of your funds for trading per trade. But don’t open too many positions at once, it will be hard to keep track of them all.
    For those that want to create and sell NFTs, there is a trend that is being followed that might help first-time sellers.


    Idle Cyber game is the perfect blend of a post-apocalyptic, futuristic world. In the game, humanity has been forced to erect huge walls to serve as the first line of defense against cyborgs looking to eliminate all humans.

    Nearly a quarter of U.S. adults say they log on to Twitter for everything from news to sports to politics. One of the reports, focused on the behaviors and attitudes of U.S. adults on Twitter, found that the most active 25% of adult users accounted for 97% of all tweets produced. Pew wanted to go further in its research on this group of active Twitter users, Smith said, to see how they differ from those that might just be lurking on the platform.
    According to coin gecko, the price for 1 LINK is $23 USD with a market capitalization of approximately $10 billion USD.

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Traditional works of art such as paintings are valuable precisely because they are one of a kind.

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Bitcoin’s market capitalization has dropped to $1.150 trillion – meaning a $100 billion decline in just a day.

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Most people think that NFTs were originally started by Ethereum which is a very popular blockchain. But actually NFT started with Bitcoin. Bitcoin first got into the development of coloured coins which were a type of tokens that represented assets or unique objects in the Bitcoin network. Yonni Assia is believed to have first presented this idea in his paper. This led to many projects based on this concept.

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Cryptocurrencies began with Bitcoin a decade ago, but in recent years this market has taken everything by storm. Who would have imagined 5 years ago that this unique and powerful digital asset using blockchain technology would have such a cosmic impact on the modern financial world? Since the first day Bitcoin started a few years back, it has grown exponentially in value and market share, despite the retreat in May, which won’t last too long.

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